A whirlwind of a whirlpool swim for Thursday.

The aquatic roly poly ladies were circling the deep end like slightly overweight sharks. The water shifted me off course as I tried to put in the lengths.

I gave up after a poor 30.

Not much else happening to be honest.


Cover to Cover with @RobertElms provided a welcome distraction.

Up for consideration was Heroes and Villains, the Beach Boys Vs Gerriant Watkins.

I'm pleased to report that rock 'n' roll won the day over overblown, over-produced West Coast surf crap.

I kept the theme going with some JD McPherson, then Kitty, Daisy and Lewis to see out the working day.

Anna returned from Transpontonia later in the evening, branding all sorts of South London gifts.

Well, a new Garmin, anyway.

I plotted a course in the device heading all the way back to Sunny Stockwell.


The evening was spent falling our with FileZilla.

FUCK FileZilla.

There. I've said it.

I was going to tweet this, but thought better of it.

I ended up working around the cpanel of The Chronic to upload some content. Not ideal, but the medium really isn't the message here.

Or maybe it is?

But yeah - experimenting with Listicles...

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