A swim, a heads down working day and some then blogging bollocks later in the evening.

Ta for coming Wednesday, etc.

The swim was almost as uneventful as the working day. The blogging bollocks was also a bit routine to be honest.

Here, there, and then back here once again.

The highlight of the day had to be winning an eBay auction for a brand new pair of retro cycling tights.

Way to go, Wednesday.

I paid £1.04 for some classic Italian rainbow ribbed black beauties. I've long since worn the arse out of my existing pair.

I did own a blue pair, but I donated them to the Transpontine wardrobe of Wolfgang Moneypenny some five summers ago.

Even South London revolutionaries need a retro lycra look, Comrades.

I tried to watch the Ipswich Vs Southampton game in the evening. It was as uneventful as the swimming and working day.

I resorted to publishing the SE21 content from Monday instead.

Bit of a blowy one out there right now. Hoping that my Roof Man from over the summer months won't let us down tonight...

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