A particularly fine West Ham Wanker conversation in the swimming pool changing rooms early on Tuesday morning. I haven't the heart to tell the old boy that I'm not an 'appy 'ammer.

The swim was smooth. I seem to be more or less back where I was before the man flu set in.

I put my new found strength to use with a spot of flash, anarchic gardening before the work shifts kicked in.

The daffs have shot up 3-4 inches since I've been away in S Ldn.

We had some good news on the Garmin front mid-morning: we've got a new Garmin.


Well, like for like it seems.

The old Garmin gave up the ghost when Anna and I were cycling Gawd knows where out in deepest estuary territory.

I still suspect that it was sabotage to try and keep me embedded in darkest Essex.

Works shifts interspersed with BBuzz action took up most of the day.

I played around with some coding for a possible future blogging project later in the evening. I've got it all to work. Just need to find a use now.

The rest of the evening was spent prepping on poolside action for tomorrow morning. I watched the 'appy 'ammers against Anna's blue nose boys.

I fell asleep.

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