Sadly no time for the lovely lido to start the week. A friendly give and take battle with the Floor Man the night before meant that I had to be in the flat to greet him.

9:30am was the original offering. I knocked him down to 8:30am, mindful of a school assembly in SE21 half an hour later.

Oh what high japes then to find Mr Floor Man at the flat at 7:45am whilst I was fresh out of the shower.

Talk about HARD WOOD floors boards, etc.

And so no lido, but I did get to ride the No.3 bus from Brixton Road to halfway up towards Crystal Palace.

Pity those poor buggers waiting to enter Brixton tube.

Have those bloody escalators ever been fully functional? I remember similar scenes back in the summer of 1995.

I made it to SE21 just in time for the assembly.

Girl Y ran up to me and declared:



Never the twain, etc.

A busy old day then followed, trying to run around as many classes as possible. Adding to the workload was the addition of a delightful new Reception class, all starting at the school for the first time.

Sports Club at lunchtime was rather cool.

Curling in a Lambeth school?

You betcha.

I absolutely LOVE that school. I tend to say this about all three schools to be honest.

I just about got to the working point where I wanted to be come chucking out time at 3:30.

I then had to make my way somewhere to where I probably didn't want to be, given the choice.

Hey hoe.

Escape from Transpontonia, etc.

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