That was a day.

I completed my first Brockwell Park Run of 2015. It was also my first run since the unfortunate medical ailment that I have been suffering from over the past three weeks.

Some bits of personal blogging are strictly out of bounds...

The run went well. It was never going to be a @bwparkrun PB, but I was pleased with the the final time of just over 24 minutes - 1 minutes and 15 secs off a PB.

My right calf had a slight twinge at the steep climb up Brockwell BMX Hill. I resorted to running on my heels, rather than the balls of my feet to get me round.

There was then a tight turn around and a bit of a bodge job in trying to get encased in black rubber back at the lido.

The water was absolutely LOVELY.

The temperature had somehow risen from 6.7 degrees on Friday, to 8.1 today.

To be honest, 15 feels like 10; 10 feels 5 and anything below is when you have to start to seriously worry.

I managed another eight lengths for today. The clock was counting down on other Transpontine commitments.

The air temperature outside the pool was warmer compared to being submerged in Brockwell blue. I did make a mental note of weirdly thinking that the pain that I enjoy the most is the coldness on your face as the water tries to tease you out of the pool.

A quick costume change back at base, and then I made the short walk down South Lambeth Road towards Vauxhall.

Bruncheon arrangements had been made with Red Maz of Bal'ham.

Both of us are SO OVER Brixton Vill-aaage. The ACE Tea House Theatre has become our Saturday morning bruncheon destination of choice.

We were joined later by Anna from Essex.

Cheers, luv.

And cheers for the purchase of the aquatic boots as well.

Morning turned towards afternoon as we set out on a North Bank walk.

It's been five years or so since I last properly explored this side of the river on foot. Little has changed for life on the other side. It remains the best vantage point though for observing all of the Transpontine changes

A particularly low tide allowed us the opportunity for a bit of mudlarking on the banks of the Old Father.

Red Maz and Anna found endless clay pipes, bones and pottery. I was more concerned with doing the photography thing.

We found some chalk stones and immediately put these to good use. Red Maz left a cryptic sign on the river wall. I drew a MASSIVE spunking cock.

We continued our wanders, and then dissected in great detail the UGLINESS of the Walkie Talkie.

Anna is foolishly a fan. She was out-voted and shouted down by Red Maz and I.

It is a bloody brute. I have blagged tickets for the roof garden in a couple of weeks though.

And then we found ourselves back over in Transpontonia, back at Bankside and just in time for the tickets that we had bought for The Knight of the Burning Pestle at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse Mini-Me Globe.

I first saw this production back in February of last year. It's a rarity for me to see any Globe production more than once. High praise indeed for the Burning Pestle during the rep run.

I packed Anna back off to Essex at Ldn Bridge (or did she pack me off to Sunny Stockwell?)

The evening was spent trying to stack up a lively Brixton Buzz story.

Think we've finally nailed it.

That was a day.

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