A funny old Thursday for some not very ha bloody ha reasons.

A bit of a... weird one today.

Hey hoe.

It began with top hats on the platform of Colchester North Station and ended with trepidation as the pre-lido nerves started to surface ahead of Friday morning.

I WILL SWIM tomorrow.


Said it now.

I gave up any hope of cycling around town to start the day. Cycling in the DIRTY London rain is no fun.

Instead I rode the Route of Kings on the top deck of the GLORIOUS No 35 bus. Front seat as well.

It was a day of planning, a day of capturing and a day of... oh, in SE17.

We're having a right old faff in trying to roll out Office365 across the new suite of laptops for the teaching staff.

Microsoft has come a long way since the ancient days of activation codes.

With everything now cloud based, the buggers want to piggy back the school DNS name servers for authentication of an educational establishment.

Balls to that.

I 'aint changing the DNS name servers for no one. We have a secure, reliable and fully functional host.

If it 'aint broke.

I think that we've found a solution in registering and setting up a dummy domain. Time will tell (about sometime overnight) when the bloody propagation kicks in.

The capturing part of school content was as ACE as ever.

Estimation in the Nursery, ideal jobs in Reception, moonscapes in Y1, drama in Y2, cave paintings in Y3, Roman numerals in Y4, Elgin Marbles in Y5 and a Westminster trip for Y6.

Just need to try and publish it all at some stage...

The oh bit was... oh.

Never mind.

I stopped off at Trinity Hospice along the Walworth Road on the walk back to SW8. Yer man @oneeyegrey continues to praise the tailoring within.

And rightly so.

I was after yet more cravats. I almost came out with a three-piece whistle.

Back at the flat and it was time to empty EVERYTHING.

The floor folk are starting next week. This means getting rid of all the old furniture that we no longer need.

Which is more or less the entire contents of the flat.

Freecycle has been bloody brilliant at this.

The radiators went early evening. I'm not entirely sure if they are simply scrap metal value or some ponced up architectural salvage twaddle.

Bit late now.

I whizzed around Lidl, caught up with some online bollocks over there, and then fell out once again with first utility, possibly the worst supplier I have had to deal with.


Shivers already ahead of the lovely lido tomorrow morning.

I WILL swim.

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