NY Eve - and it was a working one.

Hey hoe.

I've worked NY Eve in previous jobs - record shops, radio stations. Not quite the glamour for 2014 with me pitching up in the estuary office for a full on working day.

It wasn't quite as busy as Christmas Eve, but the modern interweb never stops. Total respect for m'colleagues who have signed up for the early shifts on NY Day.

Not me.

I caught the final Late Junction of 2014 to keep me company during the morning. I go through various phases of selecting my fave LJ presenters.

Max Reinhardt is currently pushing all of the right buttons for me.

What is so great about LJ is that each presenter brings their own style and taste to the show, yet you always know that you are listening to a LJ broadcast.

The pace stepped up slightly for the afternoon with @RobertElms and his choice of tunes for 2014.

I increasingly feel like a High Court Judge asking "who are these Beatles that you speak of?" when caught trapped in conversations about modern music.

The whole Frozen thing would have completely passed me by if I didn't work in primary schools.

Most of my modern musical education now comes via Mr Elms. As ever, his tastes were spot on for 2014.

Late afternoon and we published the Brixton Buzz Review of 2014. It's a mammoth piece of bloggage, and one that I am rather proud of.

You can't condense the pace of change that has happened in our patch over the past 12 months into a neat and tidy blog post.

It was fascinating to see how the seemingly disparate stories such as the Ritzy Living Wage, Cressingham and Future Brixton are all inter-related.

The value of bashing out blog posts on a daily basis for a hyperlocal is that you get to capture the story at every change. Piecing this all together once a year is a valid exercise.

But yeah - it took a bloody age to write and publish.

Work came to a close for the year around 7pm. Anna and I lined up the film of choice for the evening, and then I toasted a "chin chin" as a cap of Night Nurse took me under for the evening.

Phew. Rock 'n' Roll etc.

Have a good one.

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