Some tricky work shifts with a new client.

I tend to stack up notes about notes about notes that refer to notes. I think that I just about got there.

I took a break to listen to Julian Temple talk with @RobertElms about The Clash film being screened on NY Day.

Temple is key to all of this - probably the best post-punk filmmaker around. I love his cut and paste technique, all pieced together with a genuine knowledge and love of his subject matter.

It's all about being in the right place at the right time.

I spent the early evening trying to put together the Brixton Buzz review of 2014. I thought that it would be a half hour job.


A combination of the pace of change in our hyperlocal patch and yep - the sheer quality and volume of content that we are creating made it something a little more substantial.

Housing, gentrification and communities fighting to be heard are pretty dominant themes. I hope to have it finished sometime tomorrow.

I tried to watch the the second half of D***y Vs Dirty Leeds. But I couldn't decide which team I disliked the most.

Another early to bed evening.

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