After a restless night of coughing and wheezing, the ideal recovery was... a return to the working week.


A full on day of work was scheduled. No time for a swim - no bad thing, given the bodily fluids that my nose and mouth are currently giving off.

And yeah - that was Monday.


I caught up with Gilles Peterson's All Winners, always a highlight of the year.

And then for some strange reason TSC Glasto '85 was forwarded on to me.

It would be a shame to not to listen, wouldn't it?

The segue from Long Hot Summer into Call Me was quite beautiful. Haven't heard that in a while.

I played around a little with the mad cat early evening. She was especially... mad.

The kill for the day was a leaf bought in from outside. Oh how we both enjoyed passing the endless hours away.

Half an eye on the Liverpool Vs Swansea match for the evening with a bit of blogging bollocks to sort out, and then very early to bed, trying to play catch up from the night before.

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