A busy old morning in the gym. It was good to catch up with Mr Boom. Some of our best conversations are spent either on the train to LS or stark bollock naked as we do a bit of a rub down.

I managed forty lengths of a power swim, up and down in parallel with Anna. I'm not sure who was pushing who to be honest.

She kicked ahead at the end of each length with her showboating tumble turns. I caught up mid-length, only to fall behind come the fancy underwater turn around.

We set out on a hack after luncheon out towards Brightlingsea. We were already running / walking late with the estuary skies not looking too hopeful.

A charming conversation out by the Sailing Club with a couple of friends slowed us down slightly. My hit and miss photography also delayed the end destination.

We hit the cross-country route past Thorrington Tidal Mill. The final half hour or so was walked in complete darkness.

It was muddy. We were a couple of mucky pups.

A bit of a misunderstanding with the bloody awful Brightlingsea buses led to an abandonment of the BOOZE.

Back at base and it was an evening of strange catch ups: Forward the Hamlet on Pete Garland, the Culture Show's Damon Albarn piece and weirdly Hello Quo which I recorded around a year ago.

Even stranger was the film choice for the evening: Quadrophenia.

I haven't watched it in over a decade. It still amuses, but doesn't exactly thrill in the way that it once did.

Ace Face at the pool tomorrow morning.

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