Boxing Day - a time to burn off all the booze that was drunk the day before.

Either that or down more booze to try and create some sort of alcohol equilibrium.

I managed both.

The usual summer Wifey Weekend Roll Out route was on our radar. But I'll be buggered if I'm taking my road bike out around the estuary country lanes at this time of year.

I pumped up the MTB tyres to the max and wrapped up with four layers of lycra.

Anna opted for her hybrid. She got as far as 10m out of the front door before the first mechanical.


Her chain was misbehaving and decided to throw a wobbler and dismount.

Quit whilst you are ahead etc. Out came her MTB for a matching His 'n' Hers Boxing Day hack.

The ride was fine, despite my puncture anxiety. We really wanted a ride out on Christmas Day, but didn't fancy being stranded Gawd knows where with a flat.

I was surprised not to see many other Boxing Day riders. We probably encountered just under a dozen during the two hour ride.

We won't be breaking and PB's with the MTB timing. The 40km course averaged at just under 20kmh. I blame the extended toilet break and the time spent recovering after a female motorist honking her horn at my honker.


We stopped off at the pool on what is traditionally the busiest day of the year.

But it was half-empty.

Forty lengths, and then falling asleep in the sauna.

And then mid-afternoon and the tidal situation brought out the call of:


But Anna wasn't having any of it. The water and air temperature was bloody cold.

I was battling against both bruising skies and an outgoing tide. I counted three other canoe folk during the half hour paddle out towards Alresford.

The water was dirty and fast - the way that I like it. I actually broke sweat battling against the incoming tide whilst trying to get back to the sanctuary of the old hard.

Anna attempted to tackle her tax return early evening.

Bollocks to that.

I opened up a bottle of red and sat back for the Arsenal Vs QPR match.

Pretty knackered.

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