An early morning swim in more or less complete darkness.

I'm not sure if the lack of lighting at the pool was intentional. It was still dark outside, leading to an eerie aquatic experience.

The changing room post-swim was full of the joys of wife beating jokes.


Back at base and it was the busiest working day of the year for me. A run of shifts from 9am - 8pm.

Hey hoe.

The darkness from earlier in the day was replaced with natural illumination. I had to close the shutters in the office, such was the strength of the estuary sun early afternoon.

The smell of a turkey peaking a day too soon crept in from underneath the floorboards from the other side of the semi-detached.

@RobertElms marked the occasion as is traditional now.

I HATE tradition. Try something new.

I make exceptions though when it is @RobertElms playing Jesus' Blood as his final track ahead of the Christmas break.

The work shifts stretched on slightly longer than necessary. Too late to soak up any alcoholic festivities.

I'm sure there will be occasions to make up for this over the coming days.

Chin chin.

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