I arrived at the gym to find an empty gym.


Half of the machines were out in the car park, waiting to be transported to the Great Big Gym in the Sky.

Thankfully my own Gym Bunny days are long gone.

I hoped that they still had some water left in the pool.

I was surprised to find it completely empty of people.

I limped along, only managing 30 lengths. A heavy chest and general seasonal lethargy got the better of me.

I managed to clear my Christmas cold with 15 minutes in the steam room.

The changing room was buzzing with HILARIOUS cracker jokes.

I speed dried down below and buggered off.

Work shifts followed mid-morning through to late afternoon. This is actually the busiest time of year for us. A full on working day awaits for tomorrow.

A slight emotional flutter with the Lover's Rock session with @RobertElms. This is happening all too frequently of late. No harm is shedding some musical tears of joy.

I managed an escape ahead of the evening shifts for a stroll down to the Quay.

I was on a mission, delivering an iPod first generation (FIRST GENERATION!) to a friend who has been hunting one down.

Much to my surprise, I fired up my old 2001 model, and woh - there it was.

Like vinyl never happened, Comrades.

A few village Christmas cards to deliver, a bit of pre-Christmas household admin, and then work shifts to finish the day.

Plus @richardgallon's ACE Xmas 2014 podcast.

Have a good one.

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By Jason A.Cobb, Tuesday, December 23, 2014 at 4:47 PM. It's even worse than it appears.