The best cure for a City of Death hangover from the night before was of course to... run a half marathon back out in the direction of the badlands of Leicester.

Actually it wasn't that bad.

I have been planning running the old Keyworth epic route for a week or so. My arthritis is easing up after the dull as ditchwater daily stretching routine.

My reward was a BIG run.

I'm trying to think when I last did this run - probably around four years ago?

It felt good right from the off.

The back lanes of the South Notts Wolds were empty on Sunday morning, save for a rather rapid increase in cyclists.

Back in the day and it was all about the running shoes. Now it seems that it is all about the bike.

This is no bad thing.

A couple on a tandem road bike passed me heading out to Bradmore. A full on peloton effortlessly slipped past me on the run in to the Ling's Bar roundabout.


I wasn't really breaking sweat. It was bitterly cold out there early morning.

I've never actually measured my half-marathon route. I've called it that in name only.

I did suspect though that it might be a mile or short of the 13 required.

Passing along Melton Road towards Tollerton and I took the opportunity to swing off around the village where I grew up in.


It always seemed such a large place as a primary school kid.

I ran through it in five minutes flat on Sunday.

I went past the old family home, my school and other roadside places where I played football endlessly all year round.

Not much had changed.

The final distance back towards Keyworth was 19.4km - or 12.96 miles.

That will do for me.

My old Robin Hood Half Marathons use to clock in at just under one hour and 45 minutes - I've gained 15 minutes in 15 years or so.

My legs can live with that.

I felt incredibly fresh for the rest of the day. I suspect that I will need the aid of the banister when hobbling downstairs on Monday morning.

The rest of the day was occupied with family duties - seeing my Gran, a cousin of my Mum and her daughter, and then my sister and her three kids.

Another half marathon might have been easier.

Ha, bloody ha etc, disclaimer, disclaimer.

And then DARTS.

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