The planned lovely lido dip was abandoned before it even had the chance to get going this morning.

Feeling a failure at 6:30am is never a good start to the working day.

But it was out of my hands.

As predicted by Mr BBC weather, the rain started at precisely 6:30 in Sunny Stockwell. My Brompton wasn't having any of this wet weather action.

No worries - a King of Clap'ham Common run instead.

It was pretty miserable out there: dark skies, drizzle and battle weary commuters walking down from Clap'ham North to Stockwell, just to try and blag a seat on the Victoria Line.

I chuffing LOVED the run.

It's the route that I've been doing in London for 17 years now. My pace may have slowed down, but my love of Clap'ham Common hasn't.

A quick shower down back at base, and then I made the short commute to Somewhere in SW9 for the final time in the autumn term.

This is officially the second best day in the school calendar. The final day before the summer break is BONKERS. The Christmas occasion is more celebratory.

It was appropriately Wear Your Own Clothes Day.

I strolled up wearing a pair of loafers, my Ben Sherman slacks and a Fred Perry.

"Is it that you is in fancy dress, Sir?"

...asked Boy Y.

We had a brave and very informative assembly by the Year 7's on the Brixton food bank, and then a morning of lessons.

Post-lunch and it was time for the school Christmas parties. I blitzed each class with photos, and then settled down for the final act of the autumn term with the Christmas Carol concert.

With some very special staff [FRIENDS] sadly moving on, it was quite an emotional occasion.

It was also joyous. The raffle was equally funny and uplifting.

Some half-decent prizes had been sourced for the kids. Seeing the look on the faces of pupils who come from the most challenging of backgrounds being invited to choose a raffle prize was humbling.

I left SW9 glowing.

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