A slight work frustration for Thursday.

A tech project that I had plenty of enthusiasm for has been met with a luke warm response by others.

Hey hoe.

Budgets are of course important. Plus not using tech for tech sake.

Where's the learning value?

I totally get that. I also admit that perhaps the learning value won't be found until the project is trialled.

We live in a working world where guarantees and safeguards are needed.

There is a definite shift though in using tech in the schools that I work in. It is an evolutionary rather than radical overhaul.

But it's getting there.

I'm finding that teaching staff now hand content over to me that they have put together whilst I am not around.

I love this shared collection of content creation.

"Careful, you'll put yourself out of a job"

...as the Deputy Head joked to me this afternoon.

I think he was joking, right?

A quick Sunny Stockwell LIDL shop followed straight from school, and then I pondered heading over to Lambeth Full Council.

On the agenda was the rubber-stamping of new Chief Exec @SeanHarriss.

But I opted instead for a bit of school publishing, half a bottle of red and Cafe Bleu from start to finish.

Bloody love that album, Comrades.

I admit to a slight spot of white soul boy foot shuffling around the Sunny Stockwell flat.

This became a blasting out of Life's a Riot, High Land Hard Rain and then the first Smith album - word perfect, every track.

Yep, that kinda evening.

Blame the booze.

Chin chin.

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