A cricket breakfast to start Tuesday. With the arrival of the Surrey Members' magazine the day before, the first ball of the new season at The Oval can't be that far away.

I'm not sure who I am more pessimistic over for the months ahead - England or the 'rrey.

The swim was so so.

Only time for 40 lengths this morning ahead of work shifts. GLORIOUS sun shone through. The lovely lido awaits for the weekend...

I tried to stack up a story for The Chronic late afternoon. I just don't think that it will hold true.

The reason?

I asked absolutely the WRONG question in an FoI.


@Darryl1974 meanwhile has been prepping up on in his data journalism skills. I definitely need to join him.

The Christmas shopping was completed in the evening. It took all of ten minutes.

A rather generous Amazon voucher dropped in the Inbox yesterday as part of a deal with a broadband deal for the flat.

I'm buggered if I'm going to drag my arse around the shops.

The tree 'aint up yet either.

Oh - and if you send me a Christmas card that contains glitter then it goes straight in the bin.


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