A unexpected start to the day with a chinwag with the Pop Genius of this Parish. Fine form, etc, him, not me.

It was something of a more painful experience at the pool. The bruising Butterfly Boy was doing his best to empty the short 20m stretch of water.

I managed to receive a hefty clout to my hand a couple of times.

I refused to give up my ground. The alternative would have been to join the roly poly aquatic ladies (who for some very strange reason were all wearing WEIRD matching gloves.)

The rest of the day was taken up with stop / start work shifts, plus publishing a couple of biggies over at Brixton Buzz.

I edited METROKNOBBERS early evening, and then listened to it from start to finish once it had been cleaned up.

It's the first time that I have actually given it a full listen. I rather liked what I heard.

Monday evening was a mixture of football, tea, chips and pasties.


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