A day of chores, a day of household achievements.

But that makes for dull reading.

Tell It Like It Is, etc.

I woke up with the urge to run. I use to feel this way pretty much every morning before arthritis set in.

Swimming is the new running, etc.

But I put on the running shoes to see where my knackered knee would take me. I followed the estuary and ended up in Alresford.

Well I never.

I made my way back to Wivenhoe, yet still had something left in the tank.

How about a trip down to the University?

I wasn't sure what the final distance would be. It felt like more than the eventual 16km to be honest. It has now given me ambitious plans to run the old route of the Fair City half marathon when I'm back in Nottingham next week.

And that's pretty much it for Sunday - unless you want some twaddle about window cleaning, housework, accounts etc.

Plus recording METROKNOBBERS with @Darryl1974 later in the evening. We focussed on the Carnegie UK report on hyperlocals that was published last week.

I just don't get the GIVE US THE DOSH angle.

This 'aint the day job, Comrades.

Sports Personality completed Sunday. Enjoyable, but I miss the cramp old studio setting with Peter Shilton taking golf shots etc.

Back in the pool tomorrow. I'll be aching.

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