A cricket breakfast to start Saturday. I didn't quite make the 4am start, but sipping hot cups of tea on a bitterly cold estuary weekend morning whilst watching cricket is ACE.

The warm feeling continued during the ride to the pool. What an absolutely GLORIOUS mid-winter estuary morning.

Frost and five layers of clothing aside, it really could have been mid-summer.

An empty pool awaited me.

There were a few issues with the fire alarm as I put the lengths in. I refused to shift.

I came close to entering what may or may not have been the swimming zone. I was highly focussed and cutting through the water, making it work for me, rather than the other way around.

And then out of nowhere, the arse of an elderly lady appeared right in front of my face.


She did't see me, I didn't see her.

It went very dark for a second or so. Now would have been a good time for further fire alarm fuck ups.

A few admin tasks back at base, and then I cycled off mid-afternoon to watch Wivenhoe Town.

It was bloody freezing but I chuffing loved it. Watching bad football is brilliant.

A 2-1 win for the home side.

I let rip with a Pavlovian response of "C'mon Dulwich!" a couple of times. I managed to compose myself, and even managed to celebrate the Wivenhoe winner.

Steady the buffers.

I warmed up back at home with the Arsenal Vs Newcastle match. It really was like watching a completely different sport. I think that I prefer the Wivenhoe bad football experience.

I spent the evening revisiting the Japan back catalogue. I'm contemplating growing my fringe once again for Christmas.

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