An aborted early morning swim for Friday. The bloody butterfly stroke is not exactly swimming etiquette in an already over-crowded pool.

Cheers, fella.

I did try and persist with all the splashing about taking place. But then the blasting out of some TECHNO Merry Christmas / War is Over bollocks for the roly poly aquatic ladies did me in.

A short spot of mid-winter gardening back at base. I raked the lawn, noting that it is receding in thickness almost on par with my own hairline.

The lawn manages to grow back every summer though :disappointed:

It was a rare working day where the Transpontine / Estuary Wilds stars collide, aka Anna and I both working together from way out east.

I threatened to report her to the internal HR for unreasonable work behaviour.

But the mad cat wasn't interested in hearing my work woes.

Mid-morning and I listened once again to the ACE @CafeCalcio piece on Dulwich Hamlet. It pretty much nails it for me as to what is so special about the club.

I didn't pick up during the first playback on the surprise from the non-Dulwich supporting presenters as to what is happening down at Champion Hill.

For me football is happening. I see some incredibly funny scenes, but I don't view these as being extra-ordinary. They are just football.

It was only through hearing these commented upon by a non-Dulwich fan that I got to think that perhaps our DHFC experience is something very wonky away from any other form of football.

Actually I think my life in general is like that.


I like it that way.

I spent the early evening pinging back and forth a BBuzz piece. It's quite a biggie, it's quite sensitive.

I took the rare step for me in giving the subject matter the final sign off on the story. Remarkably few changes bounced back.

Just typos...

We're hopeful of publishing tomorrow, legal issues, blah blah blah.

And then I started to count down to Christmas. Which for me means Diesel Park West over in the City of Death.

It's a Christmas tradition to see L****er's finest every year back with the East Midlands crowd that I use to run around with.

The gig is next Saturday. I played Shakespeare Alabama from start to finish, and then once more for luck as it was so bloody good.

Brighton Vs Millwall and BOOZE came a poor second to complete the entertainment for the evening.

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