Up early and restless.

Or maybe that should be the mad cat was up early and restless?

Either way, it led to a 5:30am start.


No worries.

I actually really enjoy early starts either mid-winter or mid-summer. The world outside is completely peaceful.

Thinking time...

Which then became keyboard time. I managed to bash out a Chronic blog post that I have been putting off for the past few days. Plus a BBuzz piece about cycle racks

And then it was: To the pool!

I've had a run of ACE swims this week. Thursday was no different.

You would think that various factors would influence your internal body voice that decides if it is going to be a half-decent swimming day; food, booze, sex.

I've experimented with all three at various times this week, partly for recreation, partly for research.

The Good Swim / Bad Swim balance doesn't seem to have had any impact.

I had work shifts back at base for a client which I can't decide is my favourite or worst.

The workload and level of detail required varies as much as the random swims.

Thursday was good. I even had a smile on my face for most of the working day.

And then a full on Full Council over at @yourcolchester with @ColchChronic.

I was expecting an hour max pre-Christmas political knock-about. Almost four hours later I left the chamber.

Some fairly major decisions as well - the Great Sunny Colch TURN ON of streets lights, criticism for @firstsite and a useful debate about the NHS.

Plus possibly the most jaw-dropping comment that I have ever heard a Mayor make in public. An apology was later given. But still.

Will try and blog over at The Chronic in the morning.

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