A ride along a frozen trail en route to the pool to start Tuesday morning.

I've avoided the cross-country route of late. The puddles have been particularly messy for even my MTB.

But an overnight frost led to a hard trail with the added excitement of ice.

I almost came a cropper on some of the blind corners.

The pool itself was Meh.

TWENTY degrees warmer for the indoor experience when compared to the lovely lido back in Transpontonia over the past week.

I almost fainted.

Work shifts then dominated the day.


Yer man @RobertElms gave Uptown Top Ranking a spin. I turned the speakers up to max.


I spent the late afternoon and evening publishing content from both SW9 and SE21. It may be coming towards the end of the term, but it's one of the busiest periods in the school year.

I then gave some thoughts as to how we can work with @audioboom back in SE17. I was enthused after the meeting last Friday. I've only just round to being able to put together a possible plan.


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