A good start to the day with a Sunny Stockwell greeting with the very good @garethwyn70, and then a lido car park catch up with @oneeyegrey.

This all sounds slightly seedy. It was far from the case with a Transpontine frost covering the beauty of Brockwell Park.

Um, anyone fancy a lovely lido dip?

Oh Lordy.

The official pool temperature recording was for 7.1 degrees. My man with a far superior thermometer wrist watch reckoned that we could take another degrees downwards off this.

I panicked during the first length and came very close to quitting. The absolute coldness of the water meant that I had to move, and move fast.

By the time I reached the other end of the 55 yard pool I was breathless. My heart was jumping and I feared a panic attack.

Pull yourself together, man.

I made the decision to slow things down for the second length. Come the third and I was cruising.

It's getting close to that time in the lido season when it is almost peak mid-winter swimming. The days are getting shorter and so is the time in the water.

Did we really use to swim 20 lengths+ each morning ahead of work?

Seven seems to be the going rate for the start of December. I was pleased with my ten.

The freshness of the water on my face felt joyous.


I lingered in the water for 30 seconds in the deep end, removed the goggles and the hat and simply took in the rising South London sun.

THIS is what it feels to be alive, then.

The Radio Bollocks piped music in the changing rooms was a minor inconvenience. The conversation was 'buoyant', as one would expect after half a dozen men have just collectively experienced the best legal high that one can have for a Monday morning.

I made the short bike ride to SE21, and then settled in for a day of thawing out and school work.

Anyone for toast?

I spent the early morning with some Food Tech learning, and then speech writing with a different class.

I'm trying a slightly different approach to the way that I work. I always feel slightly fake doing a hit and run as I try and take in as many classes as possible.

Ten minutes in a class and then See Ya!

I spent a full teaching session in each classroom on Monday. It meant that I didn't get to cover as much ground, but this was made up for in quality.

And so a run-around of a day, finished off with football and BOOZE back at base.

Chin chin.

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