A Transpontine pace of life to start Sunday.

I wouldn't call the Transpotine Trek around Clap'ham Common and Larkhall Park pacey as such; but I still managed to out-pace a cycling chap heading up Clap'ham Road en route towards the Common.

He was an old fella on a bone-shaker, natch.


A wash and brush up back at Sunny Stockwell, and then the call went out for:

To Clap'ham!

Oh Lordy.

Or To the Northcote Road, to be precise.

If there's one way to look a right knobber then it's walking around Pram Springs in search of bloody Farrow and Ball paint.

Blame Anna.

It's been a fair few years since I last walked the mean streets of Nappy Valley. Even the charity shops were out of my price range.

I felt more at ease when back in SW8. Lidl was my luncheon destination.

I paused to catch a few snaps of the Sunny Stockwell Christmas tree. I know that the annual onionbagblog Stockwell Christmas tree post is well overdue.

Time and tide...

The plan was then to tackle the front garden of the flat before the Transpontine sun started to set. But it got a bit blustery out there and so I wimped out.

I had a working afternoon instead.

I LOVE creating content within various schools. The downside is the publishing catch up.

I spend most of my time signing in and our of various video and audio sharing platforms, trying to remember the bloody logins for each school.

Boy Y seems to crop up across all three schools.

I managed to bash out the Style Councillors piece from last night over there.

Still GRINNING to be honest.

So much so that I did an entire run of The Complete Adventures of the Style Council as I went about my work.

Obsessive? Me?

Feeling a little... tepid about the lovely lido first thing tomorrow.

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