A dark swim for the first day of December. The lights weren't working outside the pool.

All that was working were the blue underwater lights. They cast a particularly long shadow of my torso as I stretched ahead from length to length.

I have never been so vain as to record myself swimming. I know of others who have...

I quite liked the elegance of my style as reflected back from the shadow forming on the side of the pool.

I then realised that I was watching a shadow of West Ham Wanker, my fellow early morning swimmer.

West Ham Wanker was in fine form once we both went for the short 'n' curlies rub down.

"You'll never guess who I'm drinking with again - only bloody old Plant Pot!"

"That's nice," I replied.

"Who the chuffers is old Plant Pot?"

This was a most dream like December morning.

A little admin mid-morning, work shifts, and how wonderful to hear Sir Peter Blake as the Listed Londoner with @RobertElms.

"Joy - it's a great word," said Mr. B.


I held my weekly phone conversation with the utility company over luncheon. Much like my lightbulb buying woes from yesterday: when did supplying gas and electricity become so bloody complicated?

An unfortunate cat sick iPad incident broke up the working pattern.


And then:

"There were blue skies in my city today."

LOVE Blur's Under the Westway, which @RobertElms played.

Despite what others over ahem over there might say, Blur are a true London band. They couldn't wait to bugger off.

Under the Westway is a gem and makes you want to take a walk outside and just soak up the city.

I had a METROKNOBBERS sandwich for the rest of the working day.

Work shifts / editing METROKNOBBERS / work shifts.

And then an evening of online admin.


Rock 'n' Roll, etc.

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