Another glorious estuary morning, another laboured bicycle ride off to the pool.

I've definitely slowed down of late. This is no bad thing.

I first noticed this yesterday when I failed to keep the front wheel of Anna as we gracefully climbed up Col du Boundary Road.

Blimey - that was bloody hard work.

But then descending the Col this morning and I noticed once again that I was slower.

I'm thinking / hoping that it is just the extremely low PSI that I'm currently riding with on the MTB.

I've had too many puncture woes around these estuary wilds to ride with the full pressure.

But then again it could just be my body ageing.

Post-swim and I had yet another hellish B & Q trip.

Same as it ever was.

It wasn't quite a Black Friday experience, but I just don't get the scramble for Christmas trees before we have even reached December.

My own mission was to hunt down a couple of specific LED bulbs for back in Sunny Stockwell.

When did buying a bloody lightbulb become so complicated?

A spot of gardening around luncheon.

For gardening read: FORKING.

And then a run of afternoon work shifts (pay to play) ahead of recording METROKNOBBERS with Darryl.

We were joined once again by the ever-informative @InsideCroydon.

As soon as the MP for Croydon North / Lambeth South jumped ship to confirm his careerist credentials two years ago, I knew that Croydon was about to be lambethcoop-tised.

I underestimated the extent to which @InsideCroydon was able to report upon.

To complete recent diary entries - DARTS / BOOZE to bring the weekend to a close.

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