All Saturday mornings should start with cricket. But not necessarily a Bell End.

I awoke slightly too late to catch Bell End in the second ODI. I did very much enjoy eating my porridge whilst watching England mess up yet again over in Sri Lanka.

It set me up for the morning swim. I kept pace with Anna - or did she keep up the pace with me?

We use to swim side by side (ahhh...) every morning. Transpontine comings and goings for us both now means that a His and Hers lane sharing session is a rarity.

We stayed out and about and cycled straight from the pool into Sunny Colch.

It was a GLORIOUS Essex mid-morning.

We had a rough To Do list made up from the night before:

Charity shops

Art gallery shit and


We got a bit bored after the first half dozen or so charity shops. Our only find was a set of small dishes that will double up as cat food feeding fodder.

We bought them from the Cat Rescue shop, natch.

The Art Gallery shit was shit. One was actually rather interesting with some multi-media nonsense actually making sense.

The other was absolutely empty and absolutely shit.

I made the most of the late afternoon long shadows with some hit and miss photography.

It's probably around three years since I last did a Sunny Colch shoot. The town hasn't changed at anywhere near the same pace as back in Brixton.

This is no bad thing.

The BOOZE never happened. We were both pretty knackered from the swim and elected for a cycle back to base to try and wake us up, rather than the inevitable slumber of booze.

I'm not normally a night rider fan. The Essex road were empty though. It was great fun cycling back in the dark with a new set of super strength lights.

As ever, an evening of DARTS / BOOZE / SLUMBER.

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