I renewed the hosting for the Wivenhoe Forum for another year first thing Friday. Four years and counting. Woh.

It's been touch and go. There's a longform online essay waiting to be written about some of the 'issues' that the forum has experienced. Or even a book in three heavy instalments.

But £40 a year to keep the free platform online, possibly outweighs all of the other shit.


The Beasties were the soundtrack for the early morning swim.

Radical swimming - it's the way to go, Comrades. I splashed around in the Racist Spa and cleared it within seconds.


Swim wise and there was a WEIRD swimming technique from the woman in the lane next to me.

Imagine the action that a young child carries out when they are stuck halfway down a helter skelter. They raise their knees and thrust their arms forward.

Yep. That in the water.


I had an interesting chat about the current state of play with regards the Wivenhoe cycle path as I went to the Co-op. Fifteen minutes later and it all became a little clearer. I only popped in to buy some milk.

Back at base and we had the pleasant company of yet more builder action at the house for the morning. The final piece of household repairs are now complete. I think that it's all holding up...

I had a decent catch up with @audioboom to start the working day. There are plans to use the platform across schools. We're exploring the idea of using audioboom as a tool for remote learning.

Rather excited about what might develop.

I then received an unexpected invite for a separate paid blogging role.


A positive reply heading your way over the weekend, Sir :wink:

Funky Friday with yer man @RobertElms was my kinda funk. The sun streamed through the estuary office window just as Marvin's Troubled Man vibrated the floorboards.

I felt rather... warm inside.

Plus I don't think that there has even been a greater song intro than Shaft. It builds up for almost three minutes before yer man Isaac takes control. Nice horn stabs as well.

I kept the funk flowing with some Downtown Soulville podcast catch up to see out the Friday afternoon shifts.

And then DARTS / BOOZE

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