Worming the mad cat was the first duty for the day. My monthly reminder pinged in my diary, and so I did the dirty deed.

She didn't even flinch.


What was the fuss all about?

This was supposed to be Anna's job. I look after the food, water, piss, shit and sick. Anna does the worming and the vet run.

I seem to have inherited the final two tasks. As well as the almost full time job of cat sitting.

Anna rarely reads these words and so I'm safe in saying that I rewarded the mad cat with some cooked ham.

She chundered it up.

I then had a highly frustrating run of morning work shifts. Various tools weren't working. Tech is like that. It randomly just stops working.

Thankfully the company processes for downtime kicked in, leading to a resolution of sorts.

Crass carried me through the afternoon shifts. A glorious run of the first three albums, all done and dusted in just over an hour.

I felt like a 14 year-old again.

Never a good feeling.

Early evening was spent in the company of @SE1 at Southwark Scrutiny.

The best hyperlocal of the batch has been experimenting of late with @mixlr. As with most things modern interweb: fantastic functionality, crap name.

Streaming audio is nothing new. What has changed however is that the bandwidth has now finally caught up with the concept.

It allows the likes of SE1 to simply press record on the iPhone, and then focus the flow of the localgov meet elsewhere, with the audio streaming and being archived for later.

I have a hyperlocal plan...

Southwark Scrutiny was actually rather interesting with Q's on policing in the Borough. But football got the better of me, and so I settled down for the City Vs Bayern match.

Come bedtime and the mad cat still hadn't noticed that she has been wormed.

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