HEAVY LEGS for the ride to the pool this morning. The Sunday morning run finally caught up with me.

I didn't stick around long after the swim. I dipped my big toe in the Racist Spa, but the conversation was even more extreme than usual.

This annoys me intensely.

I have confronted the Racist Spa Kippers previously - clearly to no affect.

I pondered asking the gym management if there is a user policy. The social libertarian within advocates freedom of speech, but the Racist Spa is becoming unbearable.

You need to confront racism at every opportunity. I failed badly on Monday morning. It put me in a foul mood for the remainder of the day.

Until yer man @RobertElms played some Jackie Wilson.

Oh, and then some John Martyn.

Take that, Racist Spa Kippers.

Jackie Wilson and John Martyn should be brought back from the dead Jurassic Park DNA style, and then placed permanently to live out their new lives in the Racist Spa.

I'd dip my big toe again.

I spent the morning publishing the content from SW9 last Friday, and then an afternoon of scheduled work shifts.

The Sunny Stockwell TfL consultation dropped around luncheon.

Bugger me - it's bloody brilliant!

I love absolutely EVERYTHING about it. Apart from covering up the mural with trees.

Joining up the Stockwell 'public realm' with the Memorial Gardens is long overdue. On a purely personal level it will mean accessing South Lambeth Road via bicycle hopefully a lot safer.

It would be even better if the Clap'ham Road / South Lambeth Road pedestrian stretch became a shared cycling area...

Football to end the day, and then early to bed.

The To Do list made some significant progress.

I've got the excitement of a fresh WordPress installation to look forward to tomorrow.


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