A reprieve for Sunday.

The day was written off in my head before it had even started. HEAVY RAIN from dawn to dusk was the prediction. A restless day of catching up on household crap was penciled in.

But wait!

What's this?

The estuary rain tailed off just after 9am. I made a move on my running shoes and legged it out of the house.

A success!

It was a glorious 14km run. Very light drizzle kept me cool as I ran off on a mystery route around the mean streets of CO7.

I wasn't really sure where I was going, or even now where I had been.

But I arrived back at base just in time for the estuary downpour to resume.

And relax.

A wash and a brush and then Anna and I headed off towards Sunny Colch. We were booked in for a MEAT meal at the Waiting Room with the Gamekeeper's Daughter.

It was everything that you could want from a MEAT meal on a rather miserable not so Sunny Colch Sunday afternoon.

Bloggage, blah blah blah.

A bit of work back at base, with half an eye on Hull Vs Spurs.

And then a late weekend bottle of red was opened.

We finally caught up with the BBC Kate Bush biog.


Better be sunny tomorrow.

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