Friday was all about avoiding lido failure. Time and tide has sadly kept me away from lake Brockwell since mid-October. My dry diving return was scheduled for very early Friday morning.

The temperature at the pool has dropped over recent weeks from a heady 15 degrees to now hovering just above 10. Anything below 10 degrees is the cut off point when the tears start to flow the night before a swim.

Or is that just me?

I admit to suffering a slightly emotional Thursday night.

Would I, or wouldn't I?

To not swim would be a personal failure.

To not sleep wasn't exactly a success either, such was the stress over making a return to Lake Brockwell.

I'm not sure what all the fuss was about. As ever, once you are at the lido then YOU WILL SWIM.

You have already achieved the most difficult task in dragging your hairy arse down there at 7:30am. The rest is a Brockwell breeze.

Definitely a brrrrreeze.

I made the commitment for the rest of the winter months ahead of the dry dive. I renewed a winter season ticket. I'm such a penny pincher that the £95 cost will guarantee that I will now swim all the way through until spring.

The swim itself?

Brisk but brilliant.

The first length was a little hit and miss as the exhilaration led to a few breathing problems.

But then I was coasting, knowing that the pre-swim buzz would carry me through the rest of the working day.

Not that I need that kind of motivation in SW9.

Thank F it's Friday etc - there's a certain weekly charm in having the the end of the working week scheduled as your only day in a certain school.

I like to think that the staff are always Happy Happy Joy Joy, even first thing on a Monday.

My lido slight heart flutter made a brief re-appearance when the school website was pulled up in front of the Year 11's.

Yep. We're still online.


I spent a productive morning in the science lab, making up for my own lack of science knowledge back when I was still wearing the school blazer.

Washing up liquid is an emulsifier.

Well I never.

Food Tech was fun in the afternoon. Year 8 were preparing some spring rolls.


...exclaimed Boy Y.


He wasn't wrong, either.

Friday came to a close with Anna and I finally completing the Grade A Hollywood trilogy that shall not be named.

But it was bloody funny settee laughs to wind down a long working week.

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