My natural in-built reaction whenever I see a fellow bicyclist on a Boris Bike is to get out of the bloody way.



But well-founded, especially so on Thursday morning.

A Boris Bloke tailed me from London Bridge down to the Elephant. Borough High Street is no place to come up with a Plan B. You just have to go with the flow.

Boris Bloke UNDERtook me along Newington Causeway. It's probably my pet hate amongst fellow cyclists.

I decided to let the fella press on ahead in front. There's no way I'm about to navigate the Elephant roundabout with a Boris Bloke trying to UNDERtake me again.

Thankfully he wobbled off to cause destruction out towards the Old Kent Road. I peacefully pedalled my way along the Walworth Road.

It was an average day in SE17 - if there ever is such a thing.

SEN policy updates, Ofsted catch ups (Good is GOOD. Smile...) and then running around in what seemed like a half-empty school.

Three (I think?) class trips were taking place. Past form has taught me that the kids come back just before chucking out time either sky high or out for the count. Not much use when I want to ask them about their big day out.

I really enjoyed the Year 1 rehearsal ahead of a show at the Blue Elephant Theatre next week. The kids have been working with a local composer to write their own musical productions.

You won't find a show about fruit and vampires hitting the West End.

I did some maths work with a charming young chap in Year 2. It was only after we had finished our video session that I was told that he was in the catch up group.

I think that he had just caught up.

It was the first time that I had to use the lights on the Brompton this winter for the short ride back to SW8. I arrived back in Sunny Stockwell to see that Anna has bought up the entire Mulled wine aisle from Lidl.

And then an evening of online catching up and publishing school content.

There's talk of... Brrrrrockwell Lido early tomorrow morning.

Oh Lordy.

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