I was greeted poolside on Wednesday with some cake.


I think that it was part of some sort of charity thing.

Let them eat cake, etc.

Let them swim.

Chocolate cake and front crawl didn't seem like the best early morning combination and so I gave it a miss.

And that was pretty much a dull Wednesday.

I had a brief trip to B & Q to pick up the sockets and switches for Stockwell.

You try stretching out a diary entry based around DIY.

Then there was a morning, afternoon and evening of work shifts.

I played the complete Ride back catalogue to try and motivate me to fork out for The Roundhouse shows next May.

Glorious albums, even Tarantula.

But I'm always unsure about reunions.

I experimented a little with mixlr later in the evening. @se1 used it to great effect at Southwark Cabinet last night. I have similar plans...

Live streaming of audio - or even video - is not exactly a new idea. But the bandwidth has now caught up with the concept.

mixlr might just have entered the space at the right time.

The quality via my iPhone was professional broadcast standard.


Transpontonia tomorrow, Comrades :blush:

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