I started the working morning listening to the breakfast show on my fave local radio station where I use to work.

The original station has long since been swallowed up by the corporates that now control 'local' radio. The local types have shifted online, and are doing more than a half-decent job.

The same LOVELY fella is still doing the breakfast show, much as he has been doing for the past 35 years or so.

He played Tied to the 90s. Followed by... an in-house ad championing the POWER of radio commercials, sounding not unlike a 1980s commercial.

The modern interweb didn't quite kill the radio star, but I do wonder if all of this is... sustainable.

I do hope so as it put me in a good mood for the rest of the morning.

Most of the work output for the morning was once again spent with school policy documents.

Formatting fiddly files and making Word 97 docs modern interweb friendly. It's a bloody pain, but needs to be done.

I finally got round to editing and publishing METROKNOBBERS that I recorded with @Darryl1974 on Sunday.

No notes, no edits, no bloody chance of soaring up the iTunes chart.

But we're pleased with what we're pushing out there.

There is plenty of crossover in the hyperlocal activities that Darryl and I blog about. We also occasionally have disagreements :wink:

The format of a blog is liberating, but sometimes restrictive. What we're trying to do with METROKNOBBERS is open up the 'craft' [HA!] of how we both go about hyperlocal content.

Hit and miss.

Take it or leave it.


The Reggae Tune of the Day with @RobertElms was the Mighty Diamonds.

'cos EVERY day you need at least one burst of reggae.

The speakers were whacked up; work tools were downed. The mad cat went into hiding.

Work shifts / publishing / work shifts / publishing.

What else are you supposed to do when it is pissing it down outside.

I managed to log off halfway through the football, downed tools yet again and downed half a bottle of red.

Chin chin.

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