Everyday is like Sunday.

I've not experienced one of these stuck inside Sundays for a while. I dithered over a swim / bike ride / run. Ten minutes later and my dithering was proved worthy with the downpour.

It didn't stop all day.

No worries.

A minor success on the admin front during the morning. I managed to gain £4.50 out of talk talk. I've probably put around a couple of hours into achieving this.

Our modern interweb connection in the flat was supplied by talk talk. We ditched it at the end of the contract and switched to an even cheaper deal with EE.

talk talk then put a block on the switch, leaving us without any connection for a week, and both of us unable to work in Sunny Stockwell.

talk talk admitted the 'error,' and gave us a £4.50 goodwill payment. But we couldn't cash it in as it remains as credit in your account, even though your account is closed.

I argued the toss.

The response was to withdraw the goodwill offer.


I argued this as well, and eventually received confirmation of a cheque for £4.50 heading our way in SW8.

That should pay for a new light switch.

I had an afternoon and early evening stretch of work shifts ahead. These were a welcome distraction to the other Rain To Do thing on my hit list: Tax Return.

The mad cat and DARTS kept me company.

The downpour didn't bloody let up.

I'm monitoring various damp patches around the house following the recent building work. The only good thing to come out of such a rain soaked Sunday was that it was a decent road test for the building work.

Work eventually came to a close, and then I recorded a brief METROKNOBBERS with @Darryl1974.

That nice @GreensladeR linked to both Brixton Buzz and Darryl's 853 earlier in the week in a brief blog post about Town Hall Pravdas.

With both Lambeth and Greenwich looking like having a legal showdown with DCLG, we thought that we would have a Council Newspapers METROKNOBBERS catch up.

We finished just in time for the DARTS final.

I went to bed incredibly early with the sounds of the rain still bouncing off the attic roof.

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By Jason A.Cobb, Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 4:35 PM. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.