A weekend of swimming and work shifts.

Anna is away, and so I took the opportunity to top up my income.

But first a swim.

Saturday mornings are always ACE is the pool; Saturday mornings are always empty in the pool.

Just one other fella in the lane next to me.

I entered the water with all the grace of of an aquatic avalanche.

I told myself: don't race. DON'T RACE.

I ended up racing.


Two lengths in and I could live with the other fella; four lengths and I had half a fingertip stretch of a lead.

It's the kind of cruel sport that Anna usually plays upon me. She pushes me for twenty lengths or so, without really reaching her peak.

And then goes for the kill.

I just wanted to swim to be honest, but ended up gaining a length on my pool companion.

The rest of the day was set up with stop / start work shifts and a bit of messing around the garden.

It's bloody damp out there and not looking in the best of conditions.

I did my usual 'gardening' thing - picking up leaves, FORKING the lawn and living the Titchmarsh dream.

Work was tricky.

A new client that hasn't quite bedded down yet.

And then DARTS.

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