An early morning Transpontine soaking. Cycling in the South London rain is no fun.

I think that the new roof just about held up. We thought that we detected a few damp patches the other week. Fingers crossed that this is just the old damp drying out.

It was pretty bad...

And then I was SW9 bound.

There's been a few tweaks here and there to the school structure.

Change is good.

Change is sad - especially when it involves friends.

My spirit was soon lifted with a Singing and Signing assembly. I confess to knowing the signs better than I know the words for most of the songs.

A morning of drama followed.

I knew that my 'O' Level Drama (B, natch) would could in handy some 28 years later.

I spent the afternoon with a spot of Year 11 circuit training, and then back with the Year 8's to watch them prepare a pasta bake.

I now know the culinary meaning of julienne.

A couple of lively blog stories here and there for the early evening, and then once again, DARTS.

I've been loving the Masters this week.

And yep - I did catch the 9-darter.

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