I took the average age of the early morning swimmers down to 75 this morning.

Yep - the roly poly ladies were doing their aqua aerobics thing. I'll join in one day. Probably in about another 30 years time.

We had a pretty big story over at Brixton Buzz early morning. Lambeth Council is taking legal action against 141 local businesses at a cost of just under £24k.


All praise the power of FoI's.

The rest of the morning was spent on work shifts with the mad cat. The wind rattled around the old house and I pondered putting on the heating.

A pot of steaming hot tea later and the job was a good 'un.

I published the content from SE21 collected earlier in the week.

I then started a bit of housework, and then ended a bit of housework.

DARTS is more important than dusting.

11/13/14; 03:54:03 PM

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