A fig in the pool to start the morning.

What was really surprising was that the fig wearer was actually swimming underwater. I suspect superglue, Sir.

Dubious head ware aside, it was actually an ACE swim.

My goggles did the usual steaming up after ten lengths, but the glorious sun still managed to brighten up the bottom of the pool for me to see.

I started off slowish, and then found my stride and improved for the final 20 lengths.

Swim to win.

And then the working day started...

I've got an internal online work filing system that requires either a compromise or a cull. I favour the latter.

Layers of layers of data, all cross-referencing various policy changes and possible nuclear scenarios.


It was also a busy old morning at Brixton Buzz. We're finding the stories. We're getting them out there. We are being sustainable.

I hit the buffers slightly early evening with various domestic admin woes. Utilities, mobile providers and booking up train tickets between now and next Christmas.

It's a full time job in itself.

And then DARTS.

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