I listened to Late Junction not once, but twice for the early morning shifts.


It's part of the gradual easing into the day to catch up with Late Junction from the night before. It's always been morning music for me, never late night listening.

It was only whilst I was two thirds through last Thursday's catch up when I realised that I have been here before.

Hey hoe.

Always the same, always different etc.

That nice @GreensladeR at The Graun picked up on our Brixton Buzz story about Lambeth Talk and local Pravdas. It was something of a DOUBLE LINKAGE WHAMMY with yer man Roy also kindly linking back to @Darryl1974's 853 blog post.

Never underestimate the social currency of linkage, Comrades.

Work shifts ate into most of the morning. I did manage to escape for a lazy luncheon swim. I cut through the water with all the physical grace of a bin liner containing cow shit.

Essex County Council kindly delivered the response to my request for an Internal Review following the bodged Wivenhoe Cycle Path FoI.

It's got a lengthy back story.

There's a blog post for that.

Basically an officer made reference to a report in an internal email. My request to see this report has been met with the response that the report doesn't actually exist.

But ECC has very kindly suggested that all future public consultations will have the outcomes published.

Y'know. To the public.

An afternoon and evening of work shifts followed - all carried out with a Great Big Smile, thanks to the Great Big Kiss podcast.


Keep the Faith, Comrades.

And then DARTS and some Brixton Buzz catch ups and planning.

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