An early morning of tech bodging with bloody DNS servers. It would have to be weekend out of hours tech support when I needed a little online love.

Slightly easier was wiping the iPad for the Mother in Law.

That's not a dodgy joke, btw.

I've kinda outgrown the iPad. It's a 2o10 iPad 1 original. It still works a dream doing what it was designed to do, but what it was designed to do 'aint for me no more.

The Mother in Law has so far resisted the modern interweb. I'm not sure if handing down an outdated iPad is the best introduction for her.

Browsing, email and the iPlayer. I think she'll be fine.

I then had a botched Sunday morning trip to B & Q. It was bloody depressing in there.

The shopping list was a complete set of sockets and switches for the Stockwell flat. I had very precise instructions as to what was needed.

B & Q couldn't comply.

I washed away my B & Q woes with a so so swim. The body was a aching, but I still managed the planned 50 lengths.

I picked up some work shifts late in the day.

New client ahoy!

Um, which usually means that I get incredibly nervous and rather confused for the first couple of hours thinking what the chuff am I supposed to do?

The training on Friday thankfully had everything covered. It was a bit of back to basics by working from the front end of the client's site, rather than a third party tool.

Sunday came to a close with me publishing the content from my SE17 day last Thursday.

Much love for the NBA ball game later in the evening.

Ridiculously early return to Transpontonia tomorrow.

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