A You’ve Been Framed start to Saturday.

We took ten pictures down to the friendly local framer chap. We’ve been storing them up ahead of the (almost) completion of the Sunny Stockwell flat.

Forget new roofs, floors, windows etc - the highlight has to be the hanging of the pictures.

We went in with a rough figure for what we thought that the final quote might be. What’s £50 between friends?

Anna and I then went our separate ways en route to the pool. I was more of a roadie (on the MTB…) whilst Anna opted for the Trail.

The mucky pup.

I’m starting to realise the main difference between roadies and MTB’s.

Roadie riding is all about having high tyre pressure and riding uphill; MTB’s are the exact opposite.

My tyre pressure on the MTB is hovering around 30 PSI. Puncture free so far for the season.

We met at the other end of the route, and were greeted by an incredibly warm pool. 28 degrees is no lovely lido :disappointed:

A quick dash back to base, and then we were off on the Breezy Brightlingsea BOOZE Walk.

Blimey - that was a chilly one.

We were running a tight ship with the bruising skies catching up on us. It didn’t help that I had a half hour camera conversation with a fellow snapper out towards the estuary wilds.

And then we hit the BOOZE in Brightlingsea.

The Railway remains my fave non-London boozer. There was some sort of CAMRA coach trip taking place. It was a right piss up.

We caught the bus back with some local nutter of a lady eating an ice lolly on the back seat.

Saturday came to a close with us watching the second of the Hollywood A film trilogy that has sucked us in.

Cheap laughs, cheap night in.

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