An unexpected morning away from Transpontonia stuck elbow deep in Essex admin.

Oh Lordy.

It also became a bit of a blogging morning. Over a quarter of a million to demolish an empty changing room, and then… NOTHING.


The morning slipped into luncheon, the admin slowly slipped off the To Do list and then yer man @RobertElms played Time After Time.


Haven’t heard that in over a decade. It seemed to radiate an autumnal warm glow.

The mad cat fell off the warm (ish) BT Box where she was sleeping in all the Cyndi Lauper excitement.

The rest of Friday was lost in a blur of bicycling, swimming and having a haircut.

Something for the weekend, Sir?

I had a run of early evening work training shifts. Three different corners of the globe, three time zones, one project.

Chuffing LOVE the modern interweb.

Anna and I watched a Hollywood A film later in the evening. Not gonna name it, but yeah - Friday night fun.

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