A crisp crossing of the Old Father on what felt like the first proper winter morning.

I kept the pace with a track stand kid on his fixie from London Bridge all the way down The Elephant. I was looking far more majestic on the Brompton.

It was also my first morning wearing the new winter coat. I looked the absolute bollocks, silk paisley lining and velvet collar. I felt like Wolfgang Moneypenny as I circled the great Transpontine roundabout of SE1.

The working day was good, in every respect.

The night before had delivered an Ofsted 'good' in SE21; this was repeated some 12 hours later over in SE17.

I managed to exit the school gates on chucking out time. I had an appointment with my handyman of SW8 and the ongoing fridge hinge situation.

After almost a couple of months of sleepless nights trying to find the chuffing correct fridge hinge for the tenants, I think that we've finally cracked it.

My SW8 handyman hung it, we both took a step back and then buggered off before it had the chance to fall off again.

Back in Sunny Stockwell and I had a colour clash with Anna. Nothing to do with my paisley silk lining, but the domestic waiting to happen that is choosing a suitable colour scheme for the flat.

Anna has been undercoating in SW8 for the past couple of days. Various test pots have been painted.

And whaddya know - some 15 years since we did our first flat paint job, we've kinda settled on the exact same colour scheme of bright orange and green.

Trust us - it's a grower.

An unexpected Transpontine departure had me heading back to Liverpool Street later in the day.


Apologies lovely lido friends. Looks like I'm stuck in the steamy indoor Essex pool for the next few days.

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By Jason A.Cobb, Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 5:32 PM. What a long strange trip it's been.