EVERYTHING today was geared towards taking the cat to the vets for her annual jabs. It’s an absolute heartbreaker, every year.

In years gone by I have wimped out and deliberately arranged work shifts. I wasn’t so lucky this year.

Murphie is not a caged beast. The look of horror on her face when we finally get her inside the cat carried is a real tear jerker.

It’s not a great experience for her either.

She arrives at the vets dripping wet - a mixture of cold sweat from fear, and having a few unfortunate toilet training incidents.

I'm equally wet through sweat and tears.

And so the day was carefully planned around the capture, the trip, and then the recuperation.

I had strict instructions to be back at base at a set time.

My anxiety was taken out with a power swim. Fifty lengths and it felt fantastic.

Even the weird knuckle shuffle taking place with the roly poly aqua aerobics in the opposite lane couldn’t dent my enthusiasm.

I has a FFS very loud moment as I cycled across a carpet of broken glass. Amazingly the road bike emerged unscathed.

I worked throughout most of the day with the office shutters closed. Crazy, crazy late October weather. I absolutely loved it.

The three minute power pop blast with the tools being downed came today via the four-fer. The bitter sweet Elvis Costello was on the agenda.

Allison is probably the perfect pop song.

Work woes kinda drowned out the countdown to the vet.

And then the moment came: time to cage the cat.

Time to man up. A firm grip and in she goes.

She pissed her pants - Murphie, not Anna.

It was a reverse ferret this year with Anna crying off for work reasons. I walked the fifteen minutes or so down the road up towards the vet, carrying the smallest cat in the biggest cat carrier. There’s room for an Alsatian in there.

I spoke with the cat all way - all sorts of silly nonsense to try and calm her down.

The vet was wonderful. A quick jab, a brief check up and then we were done.


Ham sarnies all round to celebrate back at base. See you again next year.

It was then a rock ’n’ roll sort of an end to the working day. I blitzed the early evening shift with the ACE American Graffiti soundtrack. It was so good that we settled down to watch the film later in the evening.

The cat slept through it all.

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