A case of mistaken identity early morning on the Wivenhoe Trail.

I cycled towards a waving dog walker, stopped, and then had a chat.

Madam thought that from a distance I was her husband.

Madam is my next door neighbour.


A light swim followed. I missed the opportunity to make the most of an empty lane.

Tide and time had me cycling off somewhere Gawd knows where in Colchester in search of that elusive fridge hinge for the tenants. Getting warmer…

I then picked up Anna’s road bike after some mechanical mendings.

I am DANGEROUS in bicycle shops. I have long since resolved that a new frame is heading my way for the new season. Being surrounded by pure carbon almost had me reaching for the credit card.

Back at base and yer man @RobertElms does tend to overdo it a little with the whole Bowie thing. That is if it is indeed ever possible to overdo it with the whole Bowie thing.

Heroes was played after luncheon.

It was one of those moments where I increased the volume on my Mac by a couple of levels, and then two more.


This sounds good.

Let’s raise that by four more.

Fuck it - all the way to the top.


Everyone needs a three minute power burst of musical inspiration at least once in their day. There is only so much Late Junction noodling that one man can take in the working day.

Jambalaya was a little different.

Hank Vs The Carpenters for Cover to Cover. The bloody song had been stuck in my head all morning, even before the 2pm contest.

Hank had it by a country 'n' western mile.

And quite right, too.

Work / Brixton Buzz all the way through until early evening.

It was lively old day for Brixton Buzz. We broke the story that 1 Town Hall Parade is about to be the subject of a Compulsory Purchase Order by Lambeth Council for Your Nu Town Hall.

Our original piece posed the question: Is this Electric Brixton, or the Fridge Bar?

Electric Brixton ‘aint for the bulldozer; it seems that the Fridge Bar is.

Others nicked the story, but by then we had learnt that the owners of the Fridge Bar had only found out about the CPO via BBuzz.

A legal statement was released…

And the I think that the whole fireworks fuck up probably ran its course. My internal FoI review request was rejected. We can’t publish the Overlay Plans of Brockwell showing how mean Lambeth Council is without the threat of legal action.

I particularly liked the claim in the response that I “claim to represent the public”

Treble ARFS all around.

The “Error - no address supplied!” …was also a nice touch.

Comrades: check with your own Council Tax records. I would have thought you knew, seeing as though your lot fucked up in issuing me with an incorrect court summons for Council Tax non-payment.

That very nice @hoeykatemp kindly intervened and cleaned up your mess.

I’d vote for her :wink:

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