A alarm clock wake up style swim to start the day. I hit the aquatic snooze button after the first length. The body said no, and so did the mind to be honest.

I drifted off down the lane, but not off to sleep.

Forty lengths later and I was ready for bed once again.

Some swims are better than others.

The morning was spent perusing various planning papers for both here and there.

And then PMQs.

Afternoon and evening work shifts, followed by two wasted hours trying to find out why talk talk told EE to cancel a new order for a broadband switch in the flat.

The answer is obvious: talk talk didn’t want me to leave, so much so that it tried to sabotage a switch.

The outcome is a further ten day wait to be reconnected in Sunny Stockwell. Which means that I can’t work there.


Half expecting to wake up doing backstroke.

Swimming, not drowning.

Or sleeping.

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