An autumnal carpet for every pedal along the Trail en route to the pool this morning. It won’t do much for my wheels, but the golden view was certainly good for the mind. Short sleeved lycra as well.

I had another West Ham Wanker conversation in the changing rooms. I quite enjoy these.

I’m running out of West Ham Wankers in which to assassinate to be honest. My West Ham man is full of optimism, compared to his Oh Woe is West Ham rant of a month ago.

I think that the spiritual power of swimming has a significant say in all of this good cheer.

It then got a little touchy feely in the gents.


The lights were off but there were certainly people at home. Rubbing down your (?) short ’n’ curlies under darkness was a little seedy for 8am.

I then made a brief trip into what was a very Sunny Colch. I had a few errands to run.

My hit list suggested a 50% return rate. I actually achieved far more.

Anna’s road bike was dropped off at the ACE Colchester Cycle Stores for a new inner to be fitted, and a slight jigging of the gears.

I took my opportunity whilst in town to do a brief charity shop run. I spent an entire Sunday morning back in Transpontonia walking the mean streets of Pimlico trying to find a cheapo gents coats.

Size is everything.

So is style.

I miraculously managed to find both size and style in a BEAUTIFUL winter coat that I picked up from Trinity Hospice.

£28 - ACE.

I was on a roll and so went in search of some rubber swimming socks for the lovely lido. Another success, which then led to an amazingly priced £10 pair of black deck shoes that I have also been after.

I pondered how the coat, the socks and the shoes have all been attempted to be sourced online. All have failed via the modern interweb.

Offline shopping. It will never catch on Comrades.

The only disappointment was not being able to find the tricky fridge hinge that we still need to replace for our tenants. It will be easier to buy a new fridge to be honest.

Back at base and the GORGEOUS late-autumnal afternoon weather wasn’t lost on yer man @RobertElms. Sun = soul. EVERY TIME.

It was a soothing show with plenty of blue sky inspired soul love. The Isley’s Caravan of Love had me GRINNING all the way through until sunset.

Which is just as well, seeing as the work shifts stacked up until bedtime.


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